“My greatest reward is to touch your heart with my artwork.”

After admiring art glass her entire adult life, Chris Guercio stumbled upon a fused glass class near her home in 2009. She was hooked within just a few sessions, and after a year, she decided to buy a kiln and start fusing at home. She took over her entire family room and most of her laundry room and started experimenting. She has taken classes at Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Vitrum Studios, Weisser Glass, Salem Community College Glass Center and has studied with glass artists Linda Humphrey and Michael Dupille in their home studios.

Chris finds glass fusing intoxicating, with endless possibilities for artistic expression. Much of Chris’ work explores the depth of glass and incorporates a sense of movement. Her inspiration comes from nature, music, poetry, history, and literature from around the world.  The goal of Chris’ finished work is to strike a balance between reflected light and transmitted light, to express depth and luminosity, and to create a piece that draws the viewer into it emotionally.  She is also an avid experimenter.  Her pieces range from two-dimensional to sculptural.

When she first began fusing glass, Chris simply sought to bring her dreams and visions into reality and that was her reward. But several years later after she started displaying her work in public spaces, she began to receive feedback from patrons and passers-by. They talked to her about their emotions when they looked at her fused glass pieces, how her artwork resonated with them, how certain pieces spoke to them, and how they would treasure her fused glass creations in their homes. Sometimes they just thanked her for brightening a hallway. She has no greater reward than to have touched the heart of another person with her artwork.


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