Where does your glass come from?

All of the glass I use is made in the U.S. Currently I use Bullseye and Uroboros glass for all of my fusing. Bullseye glass is made in Portland, OR. Uroboros glass recently relocated to Mexico, but the stock of Uroboros glass that I use was all made in the U.S.

Do you offer classes at your studio?

Not yet. Maybe in 2020 when I can devote my full time attention to glass.

How do you fuse glass?

In a kiln! I use only specially formulated art glass for fusing, not found glass such as bottles or window glass. Glass fusing is all about playing with the different effects you can achieve with different temperatures. For a full fuse where the glass is perfectly smooth, the temperature can be between 1480 degrees Fahrenheit and 1520. For a more textured effect, the temperature range is between 1320 and 1380 degrees F. To slump glass into a ceramic mold, the temperature range is between 1260 and 1320 degrees F.

Custom Work

Do you have an idea, concept, or vision of a custom piece you would like to have made in glass?

Contact me and let’s talk!

Happy Customers

Thank you again for this beautiful piece. He LOVED it and it is already hanging with pride in our home. He was very touched and it will make for a very special memory for years to come! - Lauren W.